a field in england

This one caught me. It caught me good. 
If you're into psychedelic historical horror, atmospheric films, this is the film you would probably enjoy watching.
A Field in England tells the story of a small group of deserters in the 17th century who flee from an especially gruesome battle through an overgrown field. There, they encounter an Alchemist who forces them on a treasure hunt for gold, rumored to be buried under the field but not before making them eat some hallucinogenic mushrooms.  With a beautiful artistic direction, the film symbolically portrays many subjects such as war trauma, the reformation, freedom, power, death, monarchy and yes it does mess with thee (that means your in case you don't speak Old English) brain. So, if you are willing to have nightmares during an entire week you should watch this. A Field in England (2013), Dir.Ben Wheatley

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