Monday favorites

From apartment tours in Antwerp, the secret message behind Linda McCartney's nickname and Californian ceramics, here are my Monday favorites.
Photographer Effje de Coninck apartment visits.

Australian designer Carly Hunter's diary

Heath Large TeapotHeath Ceramics Creamer
Heath Seasonal Collection - Summer 2013Heath Rim Stacking Mug
Californian ceramist Edith Heath ceramics.

Lily. Why? Because it stands for Linda I Love You. RAM (1971) is one of my favorites albums of all time. Here's why.
cibo matto 646
I have been into Japanese culture and style since I can remember. I'm a sucker for the clean cut A.P.C.-esque streetstyle and the overall goodness that comes from that country. I've been listening to Cibo Matto since I was a teen. Love their mish mash of Japan meets New York City. Here's a song by them that I have been re-listening on heavy rotation once again.

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