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 My hair is getting longer. My mind has been travelling and wondering away: thinking of romanticized versions of travels across the Nile and greeting the Sun with the Mayans. Ancient. Ancient. My knitting skills are improving. Got more indoor plants than the FDA would approve .'Been messing around with weird distortion pedals and recording some sounds with the fellas.I have also been trying to put up a decent store in here. A cool place, filled with lots of wicked cool, cheap goodies for you.
It's been getting harder and harder for me to conform to society, norms and what's considered normal these days. Time to get to my remote, wi-fi free little shack  up in the country? Totally. I guess I'm stuck in 1971 for good and for worse: I'm an advocate of forgotten values - gender equality, family values - in a totally communal, cool sort of way-,chivalry, listening to older people and learning from them, being kind and respectful to others and treating them like equals, unless they are douches. Then Mars will rise to the occasion ; hence my lack of tact and "etiquette" to deal with some folks. Don't know man, people seem to get offended with everything these days. They are so focused on themselves and their ways. It's hard. It's pointless actually.
I know you're on survival mode, just like everyone else out there these days, but at least you could try to stay true to your core instead of playing along with the man. And you have to stand tall, stay alert and remain strong sister, because they will eat you and spit you out. 

Nevermind. It's Wednesday's karaoke special.

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