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Time, slowly but surely, goes by. You get older, and with any luck, you might be getting wiser. Things that get better with age: wine, your leather jacket, your trusted western boots, you.
These are a few things that at this very stage, make a better person than what I was a few years ago:

- Nature: I have grown so very fond of the natural world. Just by watching the seasons changing, the course of the river and the birds chirping you are able to learn so much about life and about yourself.
- Death: I have grown used to the fact that people, animals and plants don't last forever. At least as a physical entity.
- Well being: I don't exercise. I don't "hit the gym"; I could never be part of the gym culture. I never was. I like to have my drink and I do enjoy my cigarettes. I am a vegetarian though.I sometimes alternate with a vegan regime, but I'm not too obsessed by it ; and I do my made-up yoga exercises every morning. And I walk, man. I walk everywhere.
- Gratitude: I do experience gratitude many times a day; it's something that you might find the need to train. Just be grateful and happy with the little things that happen to you everyday: you saw a rainbow formed in some stagnant rain water; the dog down the street greets you everyday;the trees make the loveliest sound even when there are all these cars and all these people running back and forth, looking so sure of themselves.
- Men: If you were lucky enough to have found a guy that will stick with you forever, that is lovely. It really is. If not, they will come and go. Don't make a fool of yourself unless the guy looks like Alain Delon. Only if he is an exact copy of Delon, you'll have green card to act like a silly girl, toss your hair and bat your lashes. And move whatever mountains.
- Motherhood: I do love children, but I don't feel an insane clock inside me telling me to breed. No Ma'am. No Josephine Baker ecstatic 1920s dance moves going on. The other day I was watching Shin Chan with a friend's 4 year old daughter, and all of the sudden she said: I wanna poopoo! Man, are you serious? We're watching Shin Chan here. Go on, the bathroom is right there. Then I realized it was a  4 year old. I did panic  and shouted for my friend to come to the room. The kid was wearing dungarees.
- Clothes: Yes, they are only clothes. Don't wear something just because it's on trend but that makes feel uncomfortable. Don't dress for other people. Dress for yourself.
- Nurture: I cook all my meals at home. I don't appreciate much the eating out ritual. It's a personal thing. When I'm on holiday, I'm like : Yes, bring on the hummus and that weird, green, runny kale thing. But at home it's different. I try to buy locally as much as I can, to help out local producers and farmers but also because the products are tastier and supposedly pesticide free. Make nice food for your family and loved ones but also for yourself if you're only cooking for one.
- Psych: Get lost, get found. Balance your inner self, because this is the most delightful journey; this one we're living.

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