even playmates get the blues | Ram Dass

Coachella. The summertime "hippies" wearing Forever21 and listening to Solange Knowles. Don't get me wrong, you know I'm cool. The "babes" with their coiffed hair and denim shorts. The denim shorts...again. The selfies and the self-absorbed culture. There is no tomorrow, only today, they say. Live for yourself, they say. What bothers me in today's culture is the fact that most people seem to indulge in this sort of lifestyle, yet there is no agenda, no culture in the true sense of the word: no particular artistic movement, no particular musical movement rising up, just noise especially crafted for shopping at Topshop in a saturday afternoon and 9.99$ ready to wear. In this white on white age of screens and globally disseminated information, the omnipresent intolerance against people who don't act like the majority prevails.Luckily, for you and me, there are some wonderful renegades; a bunch of creative people in the world that create the most magical objects and  interesting art (i.e. please check Etsy. Now!) in a time of a rather stagnant dominant culture, where politics is obsolete and religion has lost its dominant and cultural importance. Pop will eat itself. And it did.

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