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I have been feeling a sense of ease lately. I used to be so anxious about everything all the time, and now it's like I have come terms with life. With people. Maybe this is due to yoga. Maybe it's because of my jurassic age. I am not sure. I am a rather reluctant self promoter (hence the head off on my photos) in a time of constant self-promotion and blurred boundaries when it comes to privacy.
I think this era of constant self-promotion  and self-marketing (instagraming, tweeting, blogging) is sort of creepy and it might become an anxiety trigger if you aren't able to dissociate things.
I know, I am not rad. Even though, I'm glad I'm not 16 now, in this time of worringly self-promotion and constant updates. Things were simpler back then; not better, not worse. Just simpler. These are my Monday favorites.

Designer Jesse Kamm is hands down a favorite. All images are taken from Freunde von Freunden

LA in Bloom | Jesse Kamm
LA in Bloom | Jesse Kamm
Jesse Kamm's Ladies of the Canyon. Photography by Todd Cole

Beatrice Valenzuela handmade shoes

Threetone ceramics from Japan

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