now ! karaoke thursday

I haven't bought much clothes lately; I suppose I needed to calm down impulses, frustrations and other rushed, emotional buying dilemmas. Actually, and to be quite honest, I never splurged that much on fashion. I hate shopping. I hardly step my foot in shops, so I tend to buy most stuff online.

Finding enlightenment on this earth is far more important. So is travelling to Hawaii, Los Angeles, Arizona, Morocco and India.
Ever since king Kanye, the XIV (pre-wedding bash in Versailles, anyone?) made his debut collaboration with APC, my APC love affair has grown colder. Me and APC, are now at this stage of familiar routines: slippers and TV dinners on plastic trays. We sleep in separate beds. He doesn't care on putting on weight and does nothing about his greasy hair. Meanwhile, I don't care if I don't shave my legs. The passion is long gone. I want something new. A new love affair. Uncomplicated,loving,excting, unexpensive, reliable, funny and durable. Pretty much like dating Ryan Gosling (yeah...)

So far, no luck.

I like Topshop jeans (that shit is more stylish and reliable than a thousand Acne jeans). I like their sizing and fit. Aw man, and I do love Gloria Vanderbilt 70s jeans. Those are hella tight! I like old APC jackets and coats (alas, the love from the past resists). I lke random silk shirts, either vintage or by Madewell. I like low heeled swedish clogs like the ones by french brand Bosabo. I like classic, minimal, 90s Calvin Klein style chic sandals.A reliabe denim fleece jacket. A nice navy or black cotton sweater. My latest extravagance was to buy a suede  fringe jacket. I needed one. I really did. I like linen short sleeve shirts. And finally I'm digging midi skirts. A lot. I don't even wear skirts, but I like those. And a cool 70s kaftan, who knows.

But color schemes are my thing now. Rust, off white and pearl, all shades of navy, grey, green, Inca ochre, lavender, beige, aged pink, and black. Colors attract me, and often they distract me too.

I don't think my style options are good. At all. I'm not trendy (hate that word). I suppose that right now, I like to look like I'm part of Creedence Clearwater Revival: workingman clothing, denim pieces readjusted to the feminine body and sensibility, mixed with 70s obscure, dark country vibes. Wandering around. Wandering around.

This is today's karaoke special from 1969. And please do not take in account the crappy video, because the truth may come in strange disguises...

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