karaoke wednesday | holy wave

 Got hooked. Tremendously hooked on  Holy Wave. Their music is like pure magic. 

I've been drawn to my main love affair once again, which is music. I mean, fashion has become gradually very boring and secondary to me. It all comes across as too similar one way or another.  
What also bothers me in fascis..sorry, fashion, is the lack of authenticity I suppose. Even what comes across as genuine is really overly produced, and staged up and therefore it becomes immediately uninteresting and unappealing. At least to me. 
I just don't dig the trends, the "luxe", the brands. It's a bit nerve wrecking actually. The few things I have bought in the last months were vintage and thrift/second hand finds.I suppose you get different priorities and interests as time passes by. And moons go by. Anyway, it's karaoke Wednesday. Jam along. From train stop, to train stop.

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