monday favorites

Today's Monday favorites are a bit personal. So I won't be posting about the coolest thing happening on Etsy or the lastest indie fashion brand that has left everyone shaking.
I've been a massive fan of SANS [ceuticals] for some time now, since I first discovered the brand online. I just love their approach and philosophy to beauty products: pesticide-free, simple, modern, women-friendly and effective.
This being said, the wonderful people at New Zealand's beauty brand SANS [ceuticals] sent me some of their most delightful  and lush products. 
I truly, truly can't believe how my hair turned out after using their products. And I truly mean this. The scents are unbelievably poetic and  fresh, the textures are beautiful and soft and the end result is just perfection. It was like from limp and dull to instant shine, strenght and sheer beauty. I am now devoted to their brand. Forever. And ever. And beyond. Thank you so,so much!

From left to right: Nourishing Hair Mask, Activator 7 Body +Hair+Face Oil,Volumising Hair Hydratant

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