monday favorites | holiday season etsy roundup

The holiday season is around the corner, so I decided to dedicate today's favorites to pretty stuff that has been catching my eye lately on Etsy.

☾ No more naked walls! Pretty art to hang in to your wall.
1.Modern Desert print archival @Luna Reef 2.2015 Astrology Wall Calendar @Chelsey Dyer 3.Moon print @Fieldguided 4. Figure No. 1 @Steven Beckly 5. Crystal poster @Debbie Carlos

 Viva la woman! Indulge, relax. Repeat.
☾ Good vibe zone/ Objects.
1.Camera Obscura, A Journal of Feminism and Film Theory, Number Two, Vintage Magazine 1977 @Cake Box 2.Pottery Step-by-Step at @Screaming Kettle 3. Black Tourmaline Pyramid Set @Isva 4. No. 561 - sunrise textured brass cuff bracelet @ Dinosaurtoes 

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