Krama Héritage giveaway

Start the New Year right with a beautiful Krama Héritage scarf.

Raphael and Alexandru met and became friends during their studies in Paris. While traveling across Cambodia, they succumbed to the charm of this country and were moved by the discovery of its history and by the people they met there. Beyond the aesthetic of the Krama, they saw its symbolic value as the possibility to develop a social project in Cambodia and around Cambodia.

The Krama is for them the best way to pass on what they have experienced and to invite all the people that wear it to discover Cambodia themselves. As a scarf bearing the values of a people that starts today to rebuild its society, the Krama is for them much more than a mere scarf: wearing it is transmitting the hope the Khmer people possess within themselves.

How did you and Alexandru came up with concept of Krama Héritage?
Actually, we had never thought of a specific concept or company idea when we started Krama Heritage. I was in Cambodia for a journey two years ago and I was overwhelmed by the discovery of its people and its history. I discovered that Cambodian society is still much fragilized by its contemporary history, especially on moral grounds, and that created a strong empathy within me. Up to the point that I decided that I wanted to do something for Cambodia.
It is only at the end of my journey that I discovered the Krama and its symbolic as the scarf of belonging of the Khmer people. Everybody in Cambodia wears it, and I started wearing it too. As I wanted to create a bond with the Khmers, I thought that the Krama scarf perfectly encapsulated that project. As I also noticed that it's an elegant scarf, I thought that presenting it as a fashion accessory with a small Parisian touch could give tremendously more impact to Krama Heritage. And this is how it started.

Can you please tell us a bit about the Atelier you have at Phnom Penh, and in which way is the local community involved?
As we wanted to have all our Kramas woven in Cambodia, not only hand-crafted, but also made in ethical and fair-trade conditions, we chose to support a 15-lady weaver cooperative in a sewing shop in Phnom Penh. We sat with the weavers for long hours at the sewing shop to choose all the models with them. The most impressive detail about their workplace are their weaving looms which all date back to more than half a century ago and still produce the best threads in Cambodia. Our aim is to support the local economy starting with the Atelier.
The other pillar of our social impact project is through our support of the NGO For a Child's Smile that does a wonderful job in the filed of education and to which we donate 3€/5€ for every Krama Heritage sold. 

 Where can we currently purchase Krama Héritage beautiful scarves?
You can purchase all the Krama Heritage models on the Krama Shop, on our website: And soon at your nextdoor shop!
Thank you Raphael for contacting me! I wish you and Alexandru a wonderful New Year!
All photos used with permission.

Giveway details
To receive this amazing Krama Héritage scarf, you'll just have to e-mail with your wishes for a meaningful 2015. Winner will be announced on Monday, January 5, via instagram. Stay in touch and good luck!

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