ghost ranch

1. Clyde.
2.Wodaabe women Niger, by John Chiasson.
3. Moon Tide by Romy Northover.
4. Sun Potion Queen Mushroom Powder: This mushroom was traditionally used  in Oriental and Eastern Folk Medicine to "Nourish the Heart and Pacify the Spirit".Its primary functions today include: Immune Support,Longevity Tonic and Stress Relief.
5.Valerija Kelava in Escape Sébran d'Argent for Heaven Magazine.
6. Vintage Levi's jeans via Fair Season.
7. Basic black sandals here.
8.Georgia O'Keeffe holds her favorite stone in her rock collection, Albiqui, NM, 1966. John Loengard.
9.The Writing of Stones by Roger Caillois (L'ecriture des Pierres, 1970).
10. Via O'Keeffe and Me: A Treasured Friendship by Ralph Looney.

And you burn down another palo santo stick, hoping that it will clarify your troubles. (it doesn't clarify).
And you meditate and you read every single book by Ram Dass. And you just aren't able to connect. And you just aren't able to be here. Now.
So you better chill and dream of  Ghost Ranch, and wear some loose clothes. It won't kill you. It's a lonely journey, but it will be ok.

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