nueva costa

Una cerveza, por favor. When you just want to hop into a plane/train (surfboard?) and disappear for a few moments.Getting away from the constant pollution, from the constant interruptions. Away from constant routines and familiar voices and city noises. When you just urge to ride on a car listening to unfamiliar dialects singing on daytime radio, while you're looking, from your backseat window, to unfamiliar buildings, squares and monuments. Crossing your away among unfamiliar faces. And then, by mere luck, or the way the sun shines upon a puddle of water refracting its light back at you, you feel at home like you never felt before.

Nueva Costa emerges like one of the most indefinable bands from BYM Records, close to the late German kraut psychedelia of the 70’s (Harmonia), the nebulous but sharp electronic music from the 80’s showed by Gary Numan and the Chilean psych-folk roots founded on Los Jaivas and Inti Illimani. This album talks about the local chilean culture but looked through the glass of the last 40 years in the popular world music.


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