A conversation with Daniela Jacobs

Daniela Jacobs is the designer and maker behind NYC based ARC Objects.

What is the concept behind ARC Objects?

ARC is a collection of ceramic and metal jewelry + home objects that is minimal, bold in simplicity, and intentionally seasonless. Design inspiration is drawn from organic forms, textures, and colors found in nature, the role of negative space, and asymmetry that feels like symmetry. It is a collection of wearable and functional items peppered with a bit of eccentricity.

Can you tell us a bit about  the manufacturing process at ARC Objects?

Each piece is made by hand in my New York City studio, using traditional hand-crafting and small-scale industrial production techniques. I've enjoyed working with ceramics since I was about 6, but it wasn't until Parsons that I learned how to make my own plaster molds and develop the studio practice I follow now. 

Can you describe your personal style?

Minimalist with a nod towards the details–like texture, fabric, shape... Everything I wear is either second-hand or I made it myself. Lots of colors-that-are-barely-colors (in other words, lots of off-whites with a hint of something else mixed in)... Relaxed but composed. And dark lipstick always.

I own several navy sweaters. What are the items you tend to buy in duplicate?

Anything in the beige/white/off-white family–especially linen–I seem to be forever drawn towards!

What are the things that currently inspire you?

Sunlight! Heat! Odd pairings that perfectly compliment each other... and as always, unusually textured things. 

Can you please tell us a little about your philosophy on beauty, style and well being. Do you work out? Do you tend to eat healthy? What are your favorite beauty products?

I try to keep things as natural as possible– in terms of what I eat and how I take care of myself. I tend to eat healthy, simply because I feel better when I do, and I don't have a big sweet tooth anyway.

I just believe in enjoying one's meals, having fun inventing recipes, and following one's intuition about eating. 
The beauty products I use fluctuate– but my favorites are the ones certain talented friends of mine make for me. 
I've developed the habit of swimming pretty much every day (even in New York, even in the winter!). I love the feeling of suspension in water, the way it makes my body feel afterwards, and for the way my mind wanders all over the place while I swim. 

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