a conversation with kayten schmidt

 Kayten Schmidt is Los Angeles based artist and creative consultant.

Can you please describe your personal style?
It's a lot of beige and black. And navy. And dressing like a 60 year old art collector.

What are your favorite places to shop in Los Angeles?
In LA I'm always shopping at random places or for something specific. Honestly, I wind up at Barneys a lot. Scout and Collection for vintage. My friends studios and closets. Jesse Kamm outfits much of my life, as does Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

I own several navy sweaters. What are the items you tend to buy in duplicate?
White button down shirts. Turtlenecks in various colors and sleeve lengths. Silk pants, which are really impractical but I have them in all colors.

What are the pieces we will never find in your closet?
Well, never say never but….Double soled heels. I hate the way they make feet look.
Wild prints are hard for me.

What are the things that currently inspire you?

Perfume/scent/candles I'm taking my time finding a new one. Scent feels very powerful lately. 
Do you work out?

Yes. Pilates, yoga, longs walks.

Do you tend to eat healthy?
Very, very healthy. My indulgence is coffee, but most of my meals are something raw wrapped in a collared green. 

What are your favorite beauty products? 

I tend to inherit makeup from friends because I'm not that picky. The only things I buy regularly are eyebrow gel and matte hourglass lipsticks. I use a charcoal soap bar to wash my face and some sort of oil as a moisturizer. I love Aesop products in the shower. 

Who/what inspires you?
Dance. The past. The right color. Sunshine. The absurd. 

 Photo credits: Kayten Schmidt  and Jeana Sohn at Closet Visit
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