it's not you, it's me

Hola compadres! It’s been a long year so far. I feel exhausted and it’s only May.
Pop culture is so boring right now. I mean, after another Groundhog Day at the office, I wish I could come home and find something remotely witty, unpretentious on TV, much like Seinfeld or a safe place for drunks like Cheers.
I’ve been living with a lack of drive (professionally and also personally speaking), and an increasing apathy towards many things.
I’ve been to several doctors hoping to get a clear diagnostic about the cause of this apathy,  but so far all the tests came out alright and no one can really tell me what's wrong with me. 
I remember when I used to not really care about how much money I had in my bank account and bid on really, really expensive stuff on Ebay. I remember that time when I almost cried because I couldn’t remember the password to login and bid on some random designer stuff that I REALLY wanted, and REALLY needed in my life at that time (I really didn't). The password  at the time was something related to my cat that died two years ago; something like “cutebabylovepawpaw”. Those things seem unbelievably distant, or maybe life just happened.

These are my latest shoes and I like them a lot. Plus they have a snake print (!), plus they are cream (!), plus they are super light when compared to the brogues 've been wearing lately. 
This is a vintage pleated bag. It's a good bag. It takes a lot of shit and always looks good. 

Reliable and always lush, it's my go get product for everything. SANS [ceuticals] - Activator 7.
Activator 7 features vitamin A that normalizes the skin's condition while Baobab Phytolipids, Omega 3, 6 and 9, and vitamin E.This multi-use product can be used to super-charge your day or night cream, spot treat all over the body and as a treatment for dry, split ends.

I haven't bought flowers lately, so I only have one naked white vase and a coral decorating an empty space. Dr. Bach's Red Chestnut - been doing Dr. Bach's floral remedies for a while and it really works. Magically, it does work. Been wearing only matte lipsticks as always; this one is by Yves Saint Laurent. Aduna is an Africa-inspired health and beauty brand & social business, aiming not only  but also to boost your natural vibrancy and immune system.
Musically speaking, this weirdness I've wrote about earlier, is also omnipresent. 'Been into this stuff:

Ultrathin - I Wanna Know (2014)
Fred Neil - Blues on the Ceiling (1965)


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