lately | high (summer)

Maryam Nassir Zadeh Palma suede low sandals.
A.P.C. Paris baby pink ribbed top.

Marvis Amareli Licorice toothpaste.
 Golden hairclip.

Aesop sage and zinc cream. 
RMS Beauty "Un" cover-up concealer.

Mauve nails. 
Selenite palm stone.

Selenite methaphysical properties: Selenite is known for gifting mental clarity, flexibility and for removing energy blockages from spaces and beings. It’s moonlike attributes enhance your connection to your unconscious and instinctive energies. It contains elemental water energy encouraging more flexibility and openness. A stone of truth and honesty, use Selenite to create your most genuine life. Balances the Third Eye and Crown Chakra and is also thought to open the doors to the transpersonal Chakras.

Beau Wanzer – Basement Dwellers 
(Delsin Records, 2014)

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