monday favorites

 /// Interdimensional and meditational healer Diva presents guided exotic journeys to her home planet Yialmel as well as other beneficial voyages through consciousness. Get tuned-in every first Monday of the month on Yialmelic Transmissions during which Diva leads you on a journey to healing destinations.

/// Headspace meditation app.
/// The hems at this Georgia Alice marooned off shoulder top, at Sincerely Tommy.

Dan Rasmussen home in Benisa, Spain
/// Dan Rasmussen home in Benisa, Spain.
/// Grace Jones in Issey Miyake (detail) vs. Alana Wilson The Terrible Boredom of Paradise (2011)
/// Jasmin Shokrian - Aeki Bag (via Anaïse). Nude and creamy eyes. The Girl Who Fell To Earth editorial at i-D magazine, The Future issue (1995). Florence Henri, Still-life with Lemon and Pear (1929).

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