monday favorites

// Missing this sort of Jacquemus campaigns.

// (1.4). Seoul-based label Ader Error. (2). Hermés monochrome shirt. (3).unknown. (5.) Margiela. (6.) George.

// Landmark South African jazz from 1974 — spiritual and political, shimmering and surging. Reverbed trad and trap drums, mesmeric bass, soaring flute, rocking sax.

Batsumi - Mam Shanyana
 // Uniqlo vs. Lemaire. Needs more coats!

Image of Topless Jumper / Sold Out
Image of Topless Jumper / Sold Out 
// Harry Were Topless jumper.
// James Pants (pantalon, hose, calças, etc) - We're Through (2008)

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