a conversation with marie jacotey

Marie Jacotey-Voyatzis, was born in Paris but moved to London to continue her studies where she earned her MA in Printmaking, at the Royal College of Art.
Just a few days away before the opening of the exhibition Everything I used to love about us is dead  at the Hannah Barry Gallery in London, Marie took some time off to answer a few questions on her creative process, materials selection and other aspects of her work.

Please explain your creative process when starting a piece. What is the starting point?

I take notes everyday – written and drawn – about anything really, a funny story, a nice pattern, some piece of furniture I liked (I’d like to own but can’t afford for instance ☺), nice coffee cups and so on. From those snatches, some become obsessive and trigger the idea for a new piece of work whether it being a book or an installation.

What materials do you use? Was there a gradual transformation in terms of the choice of your materials that led you to where you are as an artist now?

I use all sort of different materials that allow me to work on a flat surface basically. I’d go from using coloured pencils on a simple sheet of paper to use them on plaster boards, or using oil painting onto plastic dustsheets or onto aluminium boards. I guess as a younger child I would mainly draw on paper, then, when I entered art schools my technical vocabulary spread. This stated, I wouldn’t say there is any ‘gradual’ transformation in terms of my choice of materials. I tend to jump from one medium to another in a random way, according to the kind of work I am planning to realize and according to my attraction for some particular techniques over certain periods of time.

1 . Studio detail 2. 3. Work in progress. 4. Marie Jacotey working in her studio.
Text in your work has a very strong component. When looking at your work we get lost in a mood, sometimes induced by the use of text. Is text used as an interpretation aid for the viewer or does it have another function?
I guess the text is there as a comment of the image, yes. It is used to lead the viewer into the picture, very much so like in comics or humor drawings, it should add a layer in the narrative I suppose. This said not all of my work contains text; some images don’t need it.

Regarding your use of colour, the palette is very bold, very intense. What leads you to that palette choice?

I love colors and my palette tends to change regularly. It is pretty much an intuitive choice that I make whilst composing the drawing.

From a contemporary perspective, your work comes as very striking, because it’s very honest, very intelligent. You perfectly depict this fragmented, Tumblr-esque 21st century we live in, both from the female as well from the male perspective. In your work we catch glimpses of our modern, fragmented relationships with the self and with the others. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Well thanks. I do get my inspiration from social networks and blogs a lot, the accessible imagery on those is unlimited and fascinating, but not only. I get influenced by all sorts of things really from painting, literature, cinema, design, fashion, architecture to rather mundane stuff like a conversation with friends, a party, the view from my window. Anything would do!

Dying on a Sunday

Where can we see your work in the coming months?
I have a solo show opening on the 9th September in London at Hannah Barry Gallery titled Everything I used to love about us is dead where I will be showing a new cycle of about 30 drawings made for an artist book that is to be launched then as well. The book is also available to purchase online on common-editions website (http://common-editions.com) and will be presented on few other occasions in London (at the London Book Fair at the Whitechapel gallery on the 11th and at Tender books on the 29th) and Paris (venues TBC) – and we are also currently searching for some more venues abroad so I’ll keep you updated! Other than this, I am working on series of images for different brands and magazines, I should be posting about those latter soon on my tumblr page: mariejacotey.tumblr.com. It is all very exciting!

Can you please tell us a little about your philosophy on beauty, style and well being.

I wish I could! I don’t think I have any philosophy on those specific subjects. Do what you want, feel good, be happy, party loads and work hard. Twee advice for a wonderful life!

Photos by Hannah Thual
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