Uniqlo and Lemaire

This past summer I dreamt of a robe-type coat for winter. It was boiling hot, people were stinking in the subway -myself included- but the only thing that I was thinking about was a burrito type coat, that you could fold in over and over, creating layers of visual deliciousness.
A belted coat with a moderate length.
And then I found it.
And it's navy. Of course it is.
It's by Cristophe Lemaire for Uniqlo.
I confess I am not a huge fan of designer collaborations for fast fashion retailers, but with this one in particular I was actually super thrilled and excited.It seemed so wacky but at the same time so natural. When such a nice store like Uniqlo teams up with everyone's favorite designer you just get super curious and excited. How couldn't we, right?
Here's my verdict.
Model: When I tried it on for the first time I felt a bit insecure. I usually tend to navigate towards other more fitted and tailored styles, but after wearing it around a few times, looking in the mirror, opening it and folding it, I surprisingly felt rather comfortable and modern-
It's also revealing itself a great versatile option. You can dress it down - I like to pair it with vintage New Balance 991 or vintage Reeboks.Or you can make it look extra suave, Maryam Nassir Zadeh-esque by matching it with a great color popping knit, high wasted jeans and cool, offbeat colored shoes.
Fabric: The fabric is a wonderful cashmere wool blend, and it has a pretty decent  quality for its price tag. It's very light. It's not at all  like those coats that drag you in the pavement, that weight a ton and make you hunch like Quasimodo. It's a very light, airy and cool winter coat.
Sizing: Even though I bought the XS,  I do feel the fabric swapping over me a bit , in a good, candle light and blankets sort of way. At first I had mixed feelings about the sizing  but after all I came to conclusion that feeling weird  at first can turn out to be a wonderful thing later.
Favorite details: The collar. It's generous and elongates the neckline. And the slim belt. Big plus onthe slim belt.

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