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The most dreadful time of the year moves slowly but surely.
The year's top ten. Top twenty. Top this. Top that. Topless.
Who broke the internet the hardest?

Watched a documentary last night about luxe whores in Canary Wharf. It was mad scary. They were super eew. The guys were super eew. The apartment was eew. Even the micro dogs they had were eew. And sad. Everyone had huge sad eyes. Thank God Bruce Willis saved the day because Die Hard was on somewhere else.

This is why I dislike the holidays because whether you like it or not you get all caught up by stupid feelings. Holiday feelings that are humanitarian and smell of mistletoe. Mariah is on and you can't help but to hum along, even if you're not freezing on your way to the coffee shop because the temperatures are so freakishly warm this December. So freakishly warm. Happy Holidays texts haunting you with their pine tree legs. One with an emoji you can't decypher. Riddles and rhymes messing your sanity while you're stuck in the poverty wagon looking through the mirror and thinking why the hell the vegan option always consists of warm lettuce? Why?

Shake it off.
We are able to be gentle once again.

/// Mahsa is a label from New Zealand Mahsa is everyday clothing for creative modern women craving ease, style and a less is more approach. Beautiful imperfection is the motto. What more could we ask?

/// Domenique Dumont - Le Ch√Ęteau de Corail
/// Project Pablo - Leave

///Opening Strings, Alicia Nauta and Eunice Luk.

ARE was established in 2012 by Cecilia Bordarampe, a Los Angeles based designer. Her minimalist approach results in pieces that are both distinct and versatile

/// Hanna Putz photography. Hanna Putz is a Vienna-born former model and a self-taught photographer.

 /// Hotel Gandia Blasco. Iibiza, Inside Vanessa Miller's apartment, art historian and curator of Avec Journal. Mariana Giudicelli first shoe collection FW 16.
/// West Coast. Lost Coast. White Poppy - Mermaids.

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