A conversation with Bonsergent Studio

In a time of fast fashion triggered, not only but also by, a somewhat pointless system of consumer self rewards, it has become increasingly difficult to find stability and structure in fashion, apart from some brands that consistently strive for quality and individuality instead of trends.
Christian and Ben, founders of Bonsergent Studio, thoughtfully collect timeless garments that conquer the test of time and bring quality to everyday life.
How did Bonsergent Studio started?
We've been collecting pieces for the last few years, but eventually our collection outgrew the space we had in our small flat. It's a project we'd wanted to do for a long time so it seemed the perfect moment to get started, and a few months ago in Paris, Bonsergent Studio was born.
What is the concept behind?
The concept of Bonsergent Studio is very simple; it's an internet platform where you can find clothes made with savoir-faire and good materials. Basics from the past that can be worn today. We didn't want it to be a vintage shop because the term is tired and overused, and practically an euphemism nowadays. We always keep things fresh and modern and include contemporary lines and atmospheres.
Basing our collections on the garments we find it is an interesting  way of working. Shapes and colours are important to us because they drive our creativity in one direction or another. But we keep everything very simple, to counteract and be an alternative to the fast fashion industry.

Who is the woman who wears Bonsergent Studio?
It could be anyone. Modern and responsible.

What are the concepts that have been influencing you lately?
We always keep an eye on the art scene, music and the traditional crafts industries. As for concepts, nothing concrete except the idea of people creating things and enjoying what they do, a return to the roots. Hand crafted work is really important to us.

What has been keeping you awake at night?
We're working on our first collection, which will be made ethically and nearby. It's a very exciting project but there are a lot of things to think about.

Three fundamental items on a woman's wardrobe for this Summer?
A natural fabric t-shirt, culotes and a comfy pair of suede shoes. That's all you need for this Summer.



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