karaoke wednesday

Photography by Philip-Lorca DiCorcia.
Forget commuting, forget meetings, forget cigarette breaks, forget bad posture and chronic dark eye circles. It's karaoke Wednesday tonight. Put on a kimono robe and make a turmeric mask.
Further definitions:
i) Cigarette via wikipedia: A cigarette is a small cylinder of finely cut tobacco leaves rolled in thin paper for smoking.
ii) Turmeric face mask via life experience: mix equal parts of yogurt and turmeric until it forms a paste. I use organic turmeric from a German brand called Sonnentor. Apply to face and neck and let it dry. Warning: It stains. A lot. You're not Marge Simpson, okay? It will be alright, bear with me. Wash face and neck with a mix of tepid water and sugar, like a scrub. Yellow no more. Bright and spot free forever.


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