A conversation with Tania Enriquez | Fixed Air

What lead you to start Fixed Air?
Fixed Air (the name which was directly taken from the attribute of my astrological sign Aquarius) was once a blog(spot) page I started years ago when I was living in Philadelphia -- clothes and random musings... Fixed Air is now a platform I use for objects/jewelry I make -- and to answer your question, this venture into making things started when I took a metalsmithng class after work hours and evolved into something full time -- honestly, it's because I listened to people's encouraging words. I'm grateful. 

What does inspire you lately?
My friends from the past, present and future. People inspire me always...  People I meet on Instagram inspire me a lot lately... it really amazes me how much awesome people I've met through it.

Can you please tell us a little about your philosophy on beauty, style and well being.
Beauty is the feel I get from clothes/objects made with sincere intention. Style to me is based on intuition. Well being is being at peace with every decision you make... even with picking the proper meat for your tacos.
Do you have a uniform you tend to wear daily? What are you on rotation clothes of choice?
I wear things on random rotation... very much so influenced by the temperature outside, haha. I do love wearing tai chi shoes or any type tabi style shoes... and comfortable clothes. 

What are the things that are upsetting you in the world right now? And what are the things that are making you happy?

I try not to be upset... If I were to be upset by the things in the world worth being upset for right now, I'll probably be really ill from stress. So I won't be upset by the upsetters ;) 
Experiencing and seeing compassion, creativity, acceptance and love message make me happy. I want to focus more on that...
If you had to karaoke one song right now, it would be...

I love this question because I actually do have an answer... "What's Up?" By 4 Non Blondes 

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