Reconcile with yourself. Be kind with yourself. And then things you thought were only plausible in dreams, will start to happen. I incite relaxation and comfortable interiors. I incite self reconciliation and kindness.  Because those are not weaknesses.
The weather is far too hot for any sort of brashness. I have half of a cold blini with equally cold mushrooms and chopped parsley. Blinis are for the Czars, not for those who hail from  Mediterranean shores. It's far too hot. The sky doesn't seem to move. I am not able to read a serious book at this time. 

Here shown are: Givenchy vintage earrings. Jil Sander grid blazer. Robert Clergerie 90s mules. WoodWood navy shirt. Italian Translucent yellow comb. Marc Jacobs brown suede pumps.

Ted & Ray - #123

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