hard boiled babe

Extended Summer remix and truths:
Truth #1 Don't impose your way(s). Let things happen naturally. Don't be a control freak. Don't wait for applause. Be gentle. Inhale, exhale and repeat. As many times as you feel like it.
Truth #2 Italodisco can actually be a thing of beauty.
Truth #3 I don't think I like papaya. I mean, there isn't exactly a party going on in my mouth when I have it. The club's dancefloor might be looking alright , the music is not terrible, the drinks are not overpriced but I just want to go home. That is my relationship with papaya.
Truth #4 Daisy dukes. When will this Coachella thing end?
Truth #5 Lucia Berlin, Where I Live Now, was quite possibly the most wonderful book I read this Summer.
Here shown are:  Base Range Sevinc blouse. American Apparel ribbed bodysuit. 90s Jil Sander check blazer. Weekday wrap blouse in deep green and vintage Levi's 501 in size 26, for an extra baggy, 90s casual feel. Nu Swim black one piece swimsuit.
All photos either taken or scanned by me.

Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Hard Boiled Babe
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