A conversation with Petra von Kant

Does the name sound familiar? Like the Fassbinder heroine? Petra von Kant is a vintage collection curated by Alexes Bowyer and Olivia La Roche. Each piece is unique in the sense that it has been recontextualized for the modern eye.  

What made you start Petra von Kant store?

We wanted a store that could incorporate all the things we loved about dressing ourselves. For both of us, getting dressed has always been an interest, a way to express ourselves on a multitude of levels both public and private. Personal style is never fixed and is always evolving, and we love how this idea is translated into the life of a vintage garment, that it has a history, but its future is still unwritten.

Who is the woman who wears Petra von Kant?

The Petra von Kant woman is a curious woman. She is curious about herself and the world around her. She mixes all elements in her grasp to create something beautiful. She doesn’t believe in rules, and she follows her intuition. She doesn't care about a price tag or designer label and desires an item for its sartorial value. She is interested in fabric, texture, color, cut and shape. She looks to these things to create beauty through harmony and disharmony. She makes an outfit her own by incorporating an element of the odd. 

What are the concepts that have been influencing you lately?

Materials. That's where it all starts and something that anyone interested in apparel should educate themselves on. For us, it's paramount to providing a quality selection. We are also committed to taking risks and portraying our collections in a way that feels new and avoids being derivative.

What has been keeping awake at night?

We're moving the business out to NYC in the next few months, so that's a big one! Also on the mind are vintage auctions we're following, projects in process at PVK, and that too-late-in-the-afternoon coffee.

What are you looking forward to wear next season?

Everything! We both love fall and can't wait to dress for it. It's the season of layering, and that means more clothes. Obviously, we love clothes, so the more, the better! We're looking forward to sumptuous fabrics, faux fur, statement boots, lots of leather, and bright colors worn with earth tones.

Quality time is a precious commodity these days. Ideally, how do you spend quality time? 

When it come to offering the best curation of vintage possible, it's important for us to prioritize downtime and remain active and inspired. Creating a collection is so much about processing the world and presenting it through a truly unique vision, sitting in front of a computer 24/7 isn't going to cut it in that department. 
We make sure to spend as much time as possible in nature with a glass of natural wine, surrounded by friends and family, traveling the world or just hanging out at home and feeling grounded and making sure we stay happy and healthy. 

Thank you Alexes and Olivia. 
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