a conversation with local creative

Today I have a conversation with the wonderful Nicole and Jenna from the beautiful, New York City based studio Local CreativeLocal Creative is about values that have always been close and dear to me, and even more so at this time we're living: collaboration and joining synergies to create and developing ideas rooted in community spirit. Their work evokes stories and narratives with timeless, classic appeal.

Their motto is simple and inspiring for all of us: Let's work together.

How did Local Creative start? Can you take us back to how everything started?

In our first year of moving to the city we lived next door to each in Bushwick. We were both new to Brooklyn and trying to find our place through random jobs and projects. We eventually started meeting on Monday nights to share ideas about imagery we loved from our favorite magazines, websites or even Tumblr. From there we started crafting our own projects for fun until someone asked what we were called and decided Local Creative seemed fitting. It was around the time the interest in local was growing quickly and we considered ourselves local creatives from the start. The website grew from our interest in the incredible people in our own neighborhood of Greenpoint and now covers local on a more national scale with a focus on design, style, wellness and home.

A year into Local Creative we both decided to apply to graduate schools, Jenna attended Parsons for design and Nicole, The New School for media which served as a bit of an incubator for Local Creative. There we tested ideas like a digital publication, hybrid creative community space and pop-up. Eventually our interest in design, photography and moving image production came to the forefront and we realized these were things that made us happiest to pursue. We create all the content, both imagery and copy for our website ourselves. Through this we found a mutual love for creative/art direction and started experimenting with this new direction. Through the growing interest of our site, we recently expanded to a content creation studio offering services for independent and larger companies to keep up with the demand for quality, lasting content with a quick turnaround time.

These days there are countless more or less vacuous lifestyle projects populating the internet; also trends seem to be quite ephemeral these days. Can you identify something that is missing in today's overly curated projects?

Yes! There is definitely a lack of awareness of the history of some of the most celebrated media creators, and artists. Especially with social media and the internet, one can quickly forget there are other resources like books, films, tapes, magazines and other types of media to be explored outside of Instagram and our internet bubble. There is inspiration in your everyday too, just on the walk you take every morning to your next destination or quiet moments in your home. These things translate to something that’s commonplace in the air and often overlooked in the fast pace nature of trends and lifestyle projects racing for followers. We both tend to agree on this.

In the lifestyle section of Local Creative the word uniform tends to appear in your edits. I am a huge fan of daily uniforms. What are the key elements when building a durable and successful daily uniform?

Nicole: Depending on the season I believe in a sensible shoe, a strong coat/jacket and a well made bag that you can trust as your companion for the everyday. 

Jenna: Less is more. Easy pieces that are going to carry you from place to place. I believe in good denim, and neutral everything else, maybe a fun sock or scarf for a pop of color.

Please describe us the favorite corner of your studio?

Nicole: We have quite a beautiful growing collection of art books and magazines that are super rewarding to flip through if we have a quiet moment in the studio. One refreshing image is all it takes to inspire a new project.

Jenna: We have a tool box, and a basket filled with art supplies. This element of craft is important to my work, and a favorite place to get inspired and let my mind wander.

A favorite scent?

Nicole: Bread baking reminds me of home.

Jenna: Lavender.

A photo shoot essential?

Nicole: Jenna.

Jenna: Natural light.

What are you looking forward in the future?

Nicole: Growing our studio amidst a new and exciting time for creative content, and working with all the incredible women behind independent collections that continue to inspire us for new work.

Jenna: See our studio grow, and take shape. Working with incredible women we admire, and supporting one another as we continue in our creative endeavors. 

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