I recently tried the beautiful Biokaliftin line by Patyka Paris, and it's incredibly beautiful and kind to your skin. Patyka Paris has its origins in the magical roaring 1920s, when a young Hungarian pharmacist moved to Paris and created a beautiful skin elixir he named  Huile Absolue.
These days, Patyka has innovative biotechnologies that heighten the active characteristics of truly organic ingredients resulting in the most luxurious, high-performance formulas that bring visible results to your skin. Well, and they do.

I am wearing a Lauren Manoogian, finely ribbed sweater. Here it's shown worn with high-waisted, oversized charcoal denim trousers, brown loafers and a basket bag, which is very old and that somehow looks better now.

It's the second time I made this Rosemary Almond Meal Bread. It's a thing of beauty, because of all the rich flavors of the herbs. You can have it on it's own, or you can have slice of it with your favorite cheese.

I love the music of mystery composer K. Leimer. Almost Chinese is so beautiful and delicate.

Barreras by Iury Lech is so dreamy as well. So perfect after a bad day. Or a good day.

Assorted thoughts on blue that I found on a piece of paper that was inside my bag:
A heavily saturated shade of blue, makes its glorious appearance once again. At least in my mind. A reminder of French work wear from a not so distant past, emerges as an utilitarian shade, that I am more than willing to add to my wardrobe this Spring. Heavy colors. I need more colors.


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