A conversation with Yasmine Ganley

Yasmine Ganley is the editor and author behind my all time favorite aesthetic journal, anyonegirl

anyonegirl has always been a massive inspiration to me and I'm sure to thousands of others who have been following your work. What made you start anyonegirl?

Thank you! That is so sweet. The feeling is mutual. 

I originally started anyonegirl as a portfolio piece for my own contributions to other online platforms and magazines to sit alongside each other, and then I just started to fill in the gaps with my own musings. 

There’s an aspect of realness about your work that differentiates you from the rest. What are your influences? 

I’m always drawn to people who are making things with genuine integrity. Women who are loyal to their collaborators and generous with their knowledge and experience inspire me. I am always interested in those who are creating locally made items that also encourage other female makers. 

Ashtra Rushton by Yasmine Ganley.

You have been involved in amazing projects, namely the beautiful and soul-nourishing publication WAIST. Can you please reveal some of your upcoming projects this year?

Thank you! Yes, we’re currently making the second issue of WAIST, set to be released in June this year, and I’m feeling so excited (and lucky!) about the women who are contributing. 

I am about to travel to Santa Fe and Los Angeles to work with some wonderful women and brands that I have long admired. And for the past year, I have been collaborating with some of my favourite women for Sans [ceuticals], all of which to be release this year, which I’m feeling really excited about sharing. 

In a world influenced by social media, and trends emerging almost daily, we are delighted to see your instagram feed. What is your advice to enjoy a balanced contemporary living? Do you have any daily rituals?

Oh that’s so cool to hear, I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram! Because I also look after a couple of accounts outside of my own, I find myself on there way too much. But I think it’s best to be as impulsive as possible on there and not over think anything too much. 

I probably have many daily rituals that I’m totally unaware of… I live out of the city, so I feel like home is a place I can switch off. The drive in and out of town is really great for my mental wellbeing too; it marks the start and end of my working day. I just make sure I have snacks and good music, and then surrender to the time in traffic. I find the car to be a great place to mull things over, straighten out ideas. 

We’re so lucky living in New Zealand, as there is so much to do outdoors. On the weekends, we’re often deep in the middle of the country exploring mountains, or floating on salty waves out at the coast. I really love sleeping and cooking too, so try to fill my weekends up with a combination of all of these things. 

You have the most wonderful, discerning eye for beautiful moods, clothes and words. What are you coveting now?

Thank you! 

I’ve been listening to Aretha Franklin quite a lot recently.  I’m always on the look out for blues or soul artists on vinyl. I’m currently reading a series of essays by Italo Calvino, given to me by a friend, which is maybe the best thing I’ve ever read. I just pre-order Joan Didion’s new book South and West. My Dad recently gave me my mum’s Hare Krishna cookbook, which has me experimenting with making my own paneer. So I find myself frequenting bulk bin stores and getting distracted over all the different grains and pulses. A package-free pantry would be something I really aspire to! 

I’m feeling inspired by the fabrics and embroidery work of TigraTigra. The casting (and fabrics!) of the recent Dries van Noten’s show was insane. Lately I’ve been feeling like all I want to wear is giant florals and the brightest colour combinations possible. I recently fell in love with the works of Sydney painter Ondine Seabrook. And I’m on the look out for a classic 60s writing desk. 


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